Psorilax – why you should save the money for it. Really.

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We're already used to a lot of things like naggers, tugboats and cheats. But as far as Psorilax and his "sisters" and "brothers" are concerned, everything is really tried to bring dubious ointments to the man or woman.

Internet pages that a few days earlier had advertised another cream - in this case Psoridex - now have just as dubious an advertisement for an ointment called Psorilax. A typical tale of suffering is told. The quotes are alleged doctors and professors, this time from German university hospitals. The advertised cream is distributed in the same style as Psoridex and all the others.

Most of the enthusiastic comments under the article come from women. On the order side, a ticker is urging to buy, along with a reference text and an extremely high demand. The photo of an enthusiastic doctor is bought at a photo-selling portal. The price of psorilax is reduced to almost half (and still quite high at 49 euros). You can only buy by giving your name and phone number.

The ingredients oat extract, lactic acid, almond oil, urea, isopropyl palmitate and "antiseptic components" - nothing that would make the cream special. Let's put it this way: there is certainly an equivalent cream from non-dubious sources.

Now we are really curious to see which combinations the backers can come up with to the word Psori___.

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